Delete the last word.
And the word before it.

Delete the world.

But then forgive.

Forget the grammar.
Stop double-checking

Write to remember
How sweet it was

Oh, how sweet it was.

When there was no word count,
no deadline, no circumspection.
no correction, just the extension
if your being.

How much freedom,
What is freedom?
You don’t mind.

That’s just a word,
It doesn’t mean anything
A thing more than freedom;
just a word with an indefinite
broad broad meaning.

And there’s still the world around.

Words, words
with no target,
no education at all.

Unstable, regrettable
Beautiful words.
I do miss you.

Beautiful you, I will do it.
I’ll stop looking for you,
and for me in all the words,

And the world will return to have,
I hope, an open cage of meaning.

Pubblicato in all.


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